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Be prepared with a generator

Here in West Michigan, we see our share of extreme weather. If the power goes out, will you be prepared? If you have a reliable Generac generator installed by the experts at Ranco Electric,

you will be. A Generac backup generator starts automatically, providing needed power to your entire home or just the most essential appliances.

70% of home generator purchasers choose Generac as their backup generator. Why? For one thing, with its automatic operation, you won’t have to start and stop your generator. Furthermore, because your generator runs on your existing natural gas supply it never needs to be refueled. Then there’s the fact that your Generac delivers power straight to your electrical panel. And, they sit conveniently just outside your home, like an air conditioning unit.

Generac is the most trusted

name in generators

For more than 15 years, our locally owned and operated

business has become the trusted choice for electrical service in West Michigan. Generac is just as reliable as our fully licensed

and insured experts, and we’re proud to be an authorized

Generac dealer.

A standard of excellence

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